The "Search Form" may take a few seconds to compile its index and the size of that index may exceed the capacity of handheld devices.  This "Search Form" supports two wildcard characters, "?" and "*".

The "?" character matches any single character. The pattern "eli?abeth" will match both "Elizabeth" and "Elisabeth".

The "*" character matches any string of characters. The given pattern must match at word boundaries in the associated data field. So, for example, the pattern "wood" will match a surname of "Wood", but not "Atwood" or "Woodbury" or "Woodward". The pattern "wood*" will match "Wood", "Woodbury" or "Woodward", but not "Atwood". The pattern "woo*d" will match "Wood" and "Woodward", but not "Atwood" or "Woodbury". The pattern "*wood*" will match "Atwood", "Wood", "Woodward" and "Woodbury".


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